Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today IS a New Day

Good afternoon everybody!  Today was a good day.  I am currently listening to all of City and Colour's albums, which are absolutely breathtaking.  They make me happy.  I have been melancholy lately, and have decided to change my mentality.  I control the way I feel and I refuse to let anybody else bring me down (just like the Christina Aguilera song).  As long as I can, I want to keep this thought process and want this positivity in my home and for others to feel it around me.  I just want happiness.  That is all.

Anywho, with Seb at his dad's and Nan leaving for work, I had the day all to myself.  I googled "quaint restaurants in Arlington" and didn't find any. Ha!  However, it did lead me to find these little shops right down the road.  Shoppes at BrownStone is like an antique store set up with different little vendors displaying their arts and craftiness and just all around cool stuff.  There was so much baby girl stuff.  I wanted to buy everything for all the little girls I knew, but with my move and trip to FL, had to hold back.  I did, however, find a store with the positive message I've been longing for lately and bought a little piggy bank at 30% off and car magnet reading "Tomorrow is another day".  Just because today was a tough one, doesn't mean tomorrow has to be.  There was cute little burlap bags with positive thoughts as well, but the pocketbook wouldn't allow the purchase either. :-/  Afterwards, I visited the Mexican restaurant there w/in the shops and had a super yummy meal.  It was actually pretty good for Tex Mex.




So, this is what I wore on my day out.  This dress is actually one of our Etsy items, but we haven't taken pictures to list it and I've always been drawn to the pretty dark green embroidery and little birds all over the dress.  I also recently purchased this great little bag at Target.  The colors are amazing and the pom poms are so sweet.  I've been wanting to pom pom everything lately.  Ask my sister.  Heh.




Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage - Hopefully will soon be on our Etsy store
Green Suede Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell via BonaDrag
Necklace - Target
Hand Clutch - Target

Yall have a great one!!

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