Monday, June 25, 2012

Florida Vaca - Day Un et Deux

fl-main1 Good morning! Its been a good time so far over here in Orlando. Lots of relaxing, Disney-landia, EATING, etcetera, etcetera. For those on my FB, you have seen these pictures already, but I have yet to post any on the blog. So here is day one and two, short version. Day one, we did nothing. Flew over and then relaxed and hung out on the couch. We are staying at a cool resort type place. The hotel room is like an apartment. Huge 2 bedroom with a kitchen and covered patio facing a lagoon!!! My momma bear and Elisa wake us up with pancakes in the manana. I like that. ;-) Day 2, we went and explored the city a bit. We walked around Lake Eola Park and had some delish vegan food at Ethos Vegan Kitchen and then some frozen yogurt. Yummers! Came home and went to see some horseys at the Arabian Knights show. It was a pretty perfect start to our family vacation!! Lake Eola!: IMG_3118 IMG_3147 IMG_3150 IMG_3201 IMG_3192 Lake Eola Plants and Birds: IMG_3129 IMG_3155 IMG_3167 IMG_3171 IMG_3216 Ethos Vegan Kitchen!: IMG_3221 IMG_3227 Arabian Knights: IMG_3330 IMG_3241 IMG_3269 IMG_3324 Also, this whole trip is a dress for comfort theme. I think I have gained 10 lbs, so mostly i have loose Ts and cut off shorts. Have a great week yall! In these pics I'm wearing: Cat Tank: Venice Beach Vendor Cut off Shorts: Melrose Trading Post Booties: Forever 21

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